About Us


Lee Buan Soa Dispensary was firstly established as a small family business during World War II (around Year 1943) by Mr.Lee Mok Lim and Mrs.Lee Eia See, situated in Sampantawong Area, Bangkok, having “Fishing Brand” as a trademark for more than 70 years. The well-known product is “Lee Buan Soa Pill (Fishing Brand) or “Jia Tung Aee Pill”, a familiar remedy for those who have stomach problems and toochache.


In 1977: started a pharmaceutical factory on Rama II Road, Bangkok; on the area of 1 rai; having 1 pharmaceutical plant and 1 herbal plant; and administrated by Mr.Chai Theerakarn (son)


In 2004: started a new pharmaceutical factory in Samut Sakorn, and got Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements in accordance with the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) from Thai FDA since then, and successfully passed all surveillance audits till now.