Quality Policy

Lee Buan Soa Dispensary (Fishing Brand) is continuously committed to Quality Control and Quality Assurance, we then set up and implement Quality System in our organization, starting from selecting only high-quality raw materials, high-standard packaging, modern manufacturing and packing machines, world-class standard analytical equipments and tools in our advanced laboratory, supervised by professional and experienced pharmacists and well-qualified scientists till we get the best blend of top quality pharmaceutical products that meet all specifications before reaching customer’s hands.

Every step is carefully controlled and monitored by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guideline of the World Health Organization (WHO). As a result of our strong quality commitment at the top management, the organization has been certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from the Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA), the Ministry of Public Health since 2004 till now.

Being certified GMP Standard by Thai FDA does not only include a good manufacturing process, but it covers all aspects of production and systems, from the starting raw materials, premises and equipments, operating system, supporting system, and well-trained staff to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Beside this, we are also committed to reasonable price that makes it widely reachable for all customers so as to achieve our Quality Policy that “ Strive and Develop to Quality Pharmaceutical Products with Reasonable Price”